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Welcome to Abstractica, the game developer's essential toolkit. Designed for indie developers and publishers, Abstractica streamlines the intricate world of game mechanics into an intuitive API. Whether you're in the prototyping phase, refining your game's rules, or searching for the perfect asset solution, Abstractica is here to simplify and redefine your game development journey.


Game Design, Demystified

Abstractica breaks down the barriers often encountered by both novice and seasoned developers. Gone are the days of sifting through cumbersome code or getting lost in abstract game theories. With our platform, complex mechanics become tangible, actionable modules; analytics turn into clear insights, and game dynamics evolve right before your eyes. Whether you're refining a classic board game or conceptualizing a digital masterpiece, Abstractica ensures that the essence of game design is accessible, understandable, and undeniably engaging.
Mechanics Library
The Abstractica API comes with a library of basic game mechanics and structures taken from the decades of physical and digital games. Take a mechanic off the shelf, customize it to your needs, or use the design studio to build complex processes from scratch using just the basics. Our flexible platform supports you at your experience level.
Dynamic Playtesting Environment
Abstractica offers an immersive sandbox environment where developers can instantly see the outcome of their game mechanics in a simulated play scenario. This immediate feedback loop allows for rapid iteration and refinement, negating the need for constant manual testing and reducing the time from concept to completion.
Game Design Community
Abstractica boasts a rich library of tutorials, best-practice guides, and community forums. Whether developers face challenges with a specific mechanic or are looking for inspiration, they can easily tap into this wealth of knowledge. ensuring developers are always at the forefront of game design techniques.




1 Project
2 Team Members
100,000 API calls/month
Mechanics Workshop
Analytics Dashboard
Viral Sensation


5 Projects
20 Team Members
10M API Calls/Month
Workshop and Dashboard Access
5GB Asset Storage/Project
Branded Community Forums
Beta Test


3 Projects
10 Team Members
1M API Calls/Month
Workshop and Dashboard Access
1GB Asset Storage/Project

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